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If you’re looking for a beach vacation with a taste of paradise, then Bradenton and Anna Maria Island are your perfect chance for scenic vistas and tasty bites. Anna Maria Island is widely known as a stunningly beautiful island off the coast of Tampa Bay and Bradenton, Florida. Tourists come year-round for white sandy beaches, crystal waters, and the island’s laid-back atmosphere, but the food scene here is also worth the trip!

We wanted to take some time to offer our takes on the best spots around the island to grab a bite. When you book your next Sea Rocket Gulf Coast parasailing trip, make sure you save time for a meal at these restaurants! 

  • Blue Marlin Seafood Blue Marlin Seafood is located just beside Bradenton Beach, and it’s one of the most desirable dinner restaurants in town. The restaurant feels like a cozy cottage in one of the oldest fishing communities around the world. They’re known for the impressive array of appetizing seafood dishes such as the Grouper & Clams, the Cortez Chowder, or the Lobster Grilled Cheese. If you check out their menu, you’ll see immediately why they’re such an unbelievable stop for seafood lovers and foodies in general. Our advice: be sure to reserve your table ahead of time just in case things get busy, and be sure to order their Lobster Bisque – if you ask us, it’s the best in the world! 
  • Bamboo Island BarBamboo Island Bar takes the international food experience to the next level. Their gourmet bites, charcuterie plates, pizzas, and desserts are the perfect fit for those looking for fine dining and beautiful plating. Their dishes take inspiration from cities around the world – from Moscow to Honolulu and Tokyo to Madrid. You can travel the world without ever leaving their comfortable and beautiful restaurant atmosphere. What’s more, their cocktails are among the best in all of Florida, with bar classics and specialties alike. Our advice: definitely plan your reservation in advance, as they can quickly fill up! For more adventurous foodies, be sure to try the Ibiza dish, a unique (and uniquely tasty!) octopus delicacy. 
  1. Tinto’s Columbian Coffee ShopThis family-owned hidden gem is the best coffee shop in town, and Tinto’s also has some lovely, fun Columbian treats such as empanadas and other Columbian appetizers. So many of our guests mention how they make Tinto’s a regular daily stop during their vacations to Bradenton and Anna Maria Island. What do we love most about this shop? That’s easy; it’s their coffee. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better brew on the Gulf Coast! We can’t think of a better way to start your day than with a Guava Empanada and Cafe con Leche!


If you’d like more recommendations on great restaurants and fun things to do around town, be sure to stop by our Sea Rocket booth in Bradenton! While you’re there, you can always book your next trip parasailing on Anna Maria Island as well! We’re located just beside our favorite restaurants at 402 Church Avenue, Bradenton Beach, Florida!