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a person holding a baseball bat

At Sea Rocket, we love baseball. We believe it’s America’s pastime for good reason! Preseason baseball is an especially exciting time of year for baseball fans and Floridians! When MLB teams and fans gather together along the Gulf Coast to train, prepare, and celebrate the game of baseball, it feels like the whole community gets in on the action.

There are a number of teams who headquarter their preseasons in Bradenton and its surrounding area. The Pittsburgh Pirates make Bradenton their home for the Spring, while the Orioles use the nearby field in Sarasota, FL. Just North of Bradenton, in Tampa, fans are able to see the Yankees play! Preseason baseball is more relaxed, when players, coaches, and training staff are all gearing up for the regular season, but they are still ready to have a little fun. If you’ve been trying to get a favored player to sign a ball, preseason is one of the best opportunities to meet the stars of the game without all the regular season pressure.

If you need an excuse to beat the cold weather and travel down to sunny Bradenton Beach, then here it is! There’s so much to enjoy about preseason baseball in Bradenton, Florida, but we wanted to recommend a few tips to make the most of your time enjoying watching America’s pastime.

  1. Get to the ballpark early. Not only will you have a chance at purchasing better seats, but you’ll be far more likely to have a chance to meet players and coaches by arriving early as player warm-ups begin.
  2. Talk to your seat neighbors. Not everyone has to be a social butterfly, but taking a moment to interact with those around you at the game can be a wonderful way to make friends. Think of it this way, you and everyone around you loves baseball enough to go to a preseason game, so why not bond over your mutual love for the sport? Unlike the regular season, fans here generally aren’t as intense or vitriolic. They just love baseball. Many lifelong fans of the game have a group of friends who meet up each year to watch some preseason games.
  3. Get out and explore the areas around each baseball field! There are usually some great family-friendly activities in and around each park, so be sure to take advantage of them during your trip.
  4. Make some time for relaxation and the beach. Given that you’re so close to the Gulf Coast, it would be such a lost opportunity not to spend some time on the beach. While you’re there, be sure to reach out to our friendly Sea Rocket staff and say hello! We love to meet people who read through our blogs.

We believe that Bradenton Beach, Florida is the best place to enjoy some preseason baseball, and Sea Rocket at Bradenton Beach is the best place to maximize your adventure while you’re visiting your favorite teams this Spring. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the best parasailing in town. We fly even higher than a pop-fly hit, so you’ll have ample opportunity to take in the most amazing views around as you soar above the ocean waves.