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Ocean City Vacation

There are dozens of free and exciting activities to enjoy throughout Ocean City, MD. We wanted to take the time to write about a few of our personal favorites so that our Sea Rocket families can make their trips unforgettable! As you book your next adventure with Sea Rocket, be sure to try a few of these other wonderful activities!

1. Take a Stroll Down the Ocean City Boardwalk 

Ocean City is known for its gorgeous boardwalk, officially known as Atlantic Avenue. There are more restaurants, dessert stations, stores, and attractions than you’ll know what to do with! The Ocean City Boardwalk has fun activities for the whole family, ranging from arcades and old-school popcorn shops to our magnificent Ocean City Ferris Wheel. In total, the Boardwalk measures over 2.5 miles long, so be sure to spend some time seeing all there is to see during your next Ocean City vacation!

2. See the Ocean Gallery World Center

This eccentric art gallery is a sight to behold! The building itself is hard to miss, as it’s cobbled together with signs, posters, and parts from over 70 different buildings! Inside the gallery, you’ll find art prints and photos, ranging from traditional beach art to avant-garde exciting contemporary exhibits. The Gallery attracts art critics and celebrities, so it’s really a must-see destination in Ocean City! Did we mention it’s free?

3. Take a Tour of the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum 

Here’s a great idea for history buffs, spend some time touring the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum. It celebrates the historical efforts of the Coast Guard and other life-saving water safety service men and women. You can spend time wandering the exhibits which celebrate the water rescues from famous shipwrecks, storms and hurricanes, and other maritime emergencies. Sections of the museum are dedicated to children, where kids can learn and explore through games and activities. The Life-Saving Station Museum also has a live aquarium!

4. Try Out Some Wildlife Photography at Assateague Island

Have you ever wanted to see wild horses and ponies gallop across the land in their natural habitat? Assateague Island is one of the only places left in the world where you can! Be sure to take your camera as you explore the island, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap a pic. 

5. Prep Your Bait and Tackle and Enjoy Fishing off the Pier

There are a number of locations where you can actually fish without having to purchase a state license! Our favorite is fishing off of Oceanic Fishing Pier. For just a small fee, you can get a 12-hour pass to fish from the pier, which is open to the public 24/7! We especially recommend staying up late to fish under the pier lights; then, you can see some really wild angling action!

6. Get the Best View of Ocean City with Sea Rocket Parasailing

Of course, the most fun you can have on vacation is by booking a time to come parasailing with us. The view of Ocean City is incredible, and you won’t find a more fun and exciting experience! If you want a once-in-a-lifetime view from high above the Atlantic Ocean waves, then book a parasailing session with us. Remember, the further you book your trip in advance, the more you can save!


There are unlimited ways you can have fun on your Ocean City, Maryland vacation. At Sea Rocket, we’re the experts of fun and excitement, and we always work hard to make each trip memorable for our guests. Whether you’re riding the classic Sea Rocket Speedboat, flying through the sky parasailing, or renting a party dock on your beach trip, you’ll make unforgettable memories with us. We hope to see you soon!